Mustang Canyon

You could use this space to tell a little about the products being shown here. Page numbers and a possible page turn sound(depending on if it's not to annoying) yet to come. Also I would like to offer different viewing sizes to those with slower or quicker connections. This one I consider medium even though it's rather large, I found that any smaller than this it was hard to read the words. Test it out and if you want to launch it you can create a new category called "Catalogs" or "In Store" and then create a subcategory called "Mustang Canyon" and I put this page on that category page. I would set the sub category display to 1 unless you would like the line to separate the text and the book. We could have book covers for the "Catalogs" or "In Store" page where you click on the book to open it. Ok, well I was just trying to fill the page with text.. pay no attention.

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