Hickory Jackson Sofa Table 0237
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Hickory Jackson Sofa Table 0237

Part of the Hickory Jackson Occasional Table Group, this sofa table is a beautifully constructed bark-on-log table collection. When purchase in it's standard configuration, it is topped with a beautifully cut circle saw pine plank style top and has a molesworth border around the top of the base.

This series can be married to our upgrade "rustic image" table tops for an additional $49.95/each table.



Made in Wisconsin, USA!


Please, allow 6-8 weeks for this quality furniture to arrive.


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  • SKU: WW 0237 RCCP
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  • Dimensions: 44x16.5x30
  • Regular Price: $937.00 (USD)
  • On Sale For: $749.95 (USD)

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