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Accessorizing with Antlers and Taxidermy


If you have never been into Southern Creek Rustic Furnishings, you really should stop in sometime. Our taxidermy displays are on par with those that you will find at some of the large chain outdoor stores such as Cabellas or Bass Pro Shops. While it is true that some of our taxidermy pieces are privately owned and on loan to us for display, most of our taxidermy is, in fact, for sale.


We have a selection of antler chandeliers and lighting fixtures in store and a source where we can get customized pieces on request using real antlers. The really neat thing about our antler light fixtures is that the wiring is all contained within the antlers. This means you can hang it in your rustic home or cabin without having visible wires distracting from the beauty of these works of art. Our antler light fixtures are made exclusively from reclaimed whitetail deer, mule deer and moose antler sheds.


Our other taxidermy displays include comedic squirrel mounts and beautiful pheasants (standing or in flight). Mischievous raccoons are also a frequent favorite. One multi-animal mount we feature is known as “Noah’s Ark”. The Noah’s Ark mount has two raccoons, a possum, an otter, and even a skunk rowing a birch bark canoe! This is certainly a standout piece of décor for your rustic home or lodge.


Additionally, we have a large selection of full size bovine (cow or bull) hides. These are very versatile pieces of rustic or western home decoration. Hide are easy to maintain and very durable. Hides can be used as western accent throws for sofas. Hides can be used as a rustic rug in your living room, den or dining room. Cowhides can also be used as wall hangings.


Nothing gives a home that “lodge” feel quite like taxidermy. So, whether you need a pheasant in flight, a bobcat in action, a mischievous raccoon or shoulder mount elk, we have it all, right here at Southern Creek Rustic Furnishings.


Tony Thomas



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