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For the Love of Kids!


A child’s room without a bunk bed just isn’t complete, or so I’ve been told.  When we put two kids together in a room, and put them to bed at night in a bunk bed, we are giving them our tacit approval to bend the rules just a little. “Go to bed, and be quiet,” we tell them, knowing full well that a few minutes of conspiratorial whispering will occur before they finally do drift off into a peaceful sleep.


Bunk beds, of course, were born of necessity. Not so long ago, families typically had more children than they had house, so the bunk bed served as a means of multiplying floor space, but a bunk bed is more than that.


A bunk bed lets a kid have his or her own space, while still remaining connected to those closest to him or her. Bunk beds are a lesson in sharing, and in respecting the other guys stuff.




Here at Southern Creek Rustic Furnishing we have a variety of bunk beds from which to choose. We have everything from massive reclaimed rustic barn wood beds to more budget conscious solid wood pine bunk beds.  We can also get bunk beds in natural log cedar or aspen. We can order our rustic bunk beds in the common twin over twin configuration, or a twin over full configuration, or a twin over student desk set up. Twin “extra-long” sizes are also easily available. Of course, we also carry quality mattresses for all of our beds.




(Before you leave our website, be sure to check out the western and rustic comforter sets, as well.)


Regardless of the style of rustic bedroom suite you choose, I am quite certain your kids or grandkids will love sleeping in a rustic bunk bed. In fact, I have never seen a child come into the Southern Creek showroom and dislike a bunk bed. Often, people must pry their children loose.




So, if you need a set of solid wood bunk beds at your home, I urge you to stop in and see us. If you want bunk beds for your home (or lake house or lodge or cabin) because you have more kids than house, or if you simply want your kids to experience the camaraderie that bunk beds create, we’ll be glad to show you the coolest children’s bedroom furniture you’ve ever seen!


Tony Thomas



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