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The word “heritage” can mean different things to different people. For some, the word conjures up images of the land of their ancestry.  For others it brings to mind a Native American tribe, perhaps Cherokee, Navajo, Osage or Caddo. For others still, the concept of rugged pioneers, lost in the rustic landscape of a vast wilderness. Your concept of heritage might be on a national level or it might be embodied in the memory of your closest ancestors. It may even be linked to a region that you identify with such as the Ozarks or the Delta.


Here at Southern Creek Rustic Furnishing we are now carrying a style of furniture known as the “Heritage Series”. This is a truly unique twist on what has become a standard barn wood style. The most notable characteristic of this line is the authentic hand crafted wooden hinges installed on each barn wood door in this series. These hinges are oversized and built from genuine reclaimed barn wood to provide years of beautiful service.


The pieces in this series also feature wrought iron drawer handles and knob-and-slide door latches to create a historic rustic feel. The tops have a functional smoothness to them while the sides are constructed of considerably rougher wood and then overlaid with authentic vertical chinking strips to achieve the sense of a rustic but well kept homestead.


So regardless of your heritage, you are bound to find something in this series of furniture to spark your interest. Please stop in soon! We will be glad to show you this exciting new style of furniture! Heritage%2B1%2BDr%2B1%2BSwr%2BEnd%2BTable.JPG 



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