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I Love Your Stuff!


“I love your stuff! When I win the lottery I’ll come back and buy a houseful of it!” is a comment we frequently hear from first time shoppers here at Southern Creek Rustic Furnishings. 


We understand that not everyone will like our furniture or be able to afford many of our pieces. By it’s very nature hand crafted furniture and furniture made of reclaimed wood is far more labor intensive to create and is therefore going to cost you a bit more than the usual run-of-the-mill discount furniture.


It is a misconception, however, that achieving a rustic or western feel in your home requires you to spend thousands of dollars. Many traditional pieces of furniture will blend well with a rustic or western motif if accented properly.


The first layer of any room is the room itself. Stand back and analyze what you have to work with. Do you have a fireplace or a window with a view? If so capitalize on what you already have. A warm color scheme on the walls work well for a rustic look and a wood or stone floor (or even inexpensive imitation of wood or stone) sets the stage to create a rustic feel.


Next, we insert the larger pieces of furniture. We would love to help you select a new leather sofa or print accent chair, but it is quite possible that the traditional or contemporary pieces you already have will work nicely. A contemporary look can be morphed into a “rustic chic” look, and many traditional pieces will appear rustic when properly accessorized.


For the next step you need to look up. What kind of light fixture do you have? Proper lighting is critical to setting the feel for a rustic or western themed room. An antler light fixture or wagon wheel fixture will give your room an instant air of authenticity. A couple of rustic lamps will anchor this impression in the minds of your guests. The outlet covers and switch plates can also be switched to handcrafted rustic cedar plates and covers, or to specialty rustic or western plates and covers to give your room an extra subtle touch.  


Now, transforming the furniture you already have into something that looks at home in a rustic or western room may be as simple as buying a few new accessories. If you have a print sofa, put leather pillows on it. If you have a sofa covered in a solid fabric, add pillows in rustic print or decorative leather.


Your walls are a canvas that tells the story of the things that interest you. Do you like western history? Perhaps you like classic western movies…or scenery…or wildlife…or fishing…or hunting…or civil war history…or your own family history (the possibilities are endless.)  The point is, decorate in a way that interests you! Regardless of your taste, someone somewhere is creating artwork that you will like! You may or may not be able to afford original artwork, but limited edition prints of great pieces of art can be had relatively inexpensively. Good artwork is a definite catalyst for great conversation.


Finally, we need to look at the other soft elements of your room, the window treatments and floor covering. Even a simple curtain or valance made of the right fabric will finish a rustic or western themed room, and a quality floor covering adds an important final touch. We have a large selection of western and rustic rugs from which we can order. We also have an ample selection of cow and bull hides in stock which can be used for a variety of purposes, including as floor coverings.


Just because you may be operating on a budget these days (who isn’t) doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue a really cool rustic or western look in your living space. While we would certainly love to order a barn wood entertainment center, a custom tooled leather sofa or a reclaimed teak wood pool table for you, we realize that every customer is not working with that kind of budget. Even if you can’t spend thousands of dollars on unique furniture, we can still help you create a one-of-a-kind rustic or western living space. So, come in, call or email us. Tell us what you are thinking and let us help you explore the possibilities!


Tony Thomas



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