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Real Craftsmanship


What are the characteristics of a quality dining room chair? Perhaps you’ve never given it much thought, but all dining room chairs are not created equal. In the last fifteen years, furniture manufacturing has, for the most part, left the United States for other countries. Most of the furniture sold in chain stores today originates in places like Mexico, China or Indonesia.



As a general rule, the farther the manufacturer is removed from the end user, the less incentive there is for that manufacturer to ensure quality in workmanship and materials.  One of the benefits we have here at Southern Creek Rustic Furnishings is direct access to the manufacturers of our American made furniture.


The dining chairs that many stores sell are sent to those stores in a flat box and must be assembled by either the store or the customer. The reason for all of this RTA (ready to assemble) furniture is twofold. First, shipping chairs in a flat box reduces overseas shipping cost. Secondly, many of these type chairs are too flimsy when assembled to stand up to the rigors of shipping without sustaining damage.


The good news is that at Southern Creek Rustic Furnishing none of the chairs in our showroom arrived here in a flat box. You are more than welcome to turn our chairs over or look under our tables. We are confident you will like what you see.


Think about it. Which is going to be stronger? A chair that is assembled at the factory with “screw, glue and dowel” construction or one that you put together in your dining room with a handful of drywall screws?


The dining chairs we carry in our showroom are completely assembled by the craftsmen who make them. Because many of our chairs are bench constructed from reclaimed wood, they cannot be mass produced. Our chairs are painstakingly assembled to make sure each piece fits properly. The result is a sturdy, well built chair that is ready for years of steady use.


So, come in and take a look at our chairs. I am confident that you will see what a difference real craftsmanship can make!



Tony Thomas


I have been through your words and appreciate it. I already got some white wood furniture and would love to have the same above but I think, white paint can work for me very well.

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