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Spring Rain


Is there anything quite as soothing as the sound of rain gently falling on a sheet metal roof? One of the things we have lost in our ultra energy conscious world is the simple joy of listening to the sound of falling rain. I understand the economics and logic of insulating our homes to the nth degree, but it seems somehow along the way we have insulated ourselves from enjoying the simple things of nature, like the sound of rain.


Funny isn’t it? Whether in an isolated rustic cabin deep in the woods or in a modern upscale home in a suburban neighborhood, spring rain is refreshing. Somehow, it brings hope for the coming season. Its sweet smell permeates the air with anticipation of new growth, new life. It is the fragrance of springtime wafting in through open windows.


Imagine with me, if you will, an eager gardener curled up in her oversized leather chair or rustic recliner and poring through seed catalogs. Absently she sips from a warm mug, and listens to melodious raindrops falling from the eaves.  The fireplace nearby has grown cold as the spring air has warmed. The fireplace screen has been drawn across the gaping, blackened hole where flames danced not so long ago, and the fire tools have been cleaned and stored neatly to the side. The world outside is silent, except for the sound of rain.




Meanwhile her child, just home from school, has meandered into his room and crawled up into his bunk bed – just for a minute mind you – but the lullaby of the rain, the softness of the mattress and the caress of the pillow have all proven to be too much. He is fast asleep in the center of a disheveled rustic comforter.


He would stay there for hours perhaps, but his mother calls him to supper…it is a day for soup, of course…and she generously fills his bowl. The aroma of homemade soup blends with the crisp scent of rain that drifts in on a moist breeze.  Pleasantly, silently, hungrily, they sit at a simple, barn wood farm house table, enjoying one another’s company and listening to the rhythmic sound of the falling rain...


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Tony Thomas 



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