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The Appeal of Simplicity


As I walk around our showroom here at Southern Creek Rustic Furnishings I am constantly reminded of the cowboy heroes of a bygone era.  From behind framed glass, the black and white images of John Wayne, the Lone Ranger, and Roy Rogers (among others) peer out.

I think it is the simplicity of the storylines that made those characters so timeless. Good guys wore white hats. They played fair, and they eventually won. Perhaps the plots of those stories were a bit too simplistic to be realistic. Sometimes the acting was a tad mediocre. Who cares? There is nothing wrong with wanting to reclaim a little simplicity in life. (Besides, who wouldn’t like to a have a revolver that would shoot twenty times without reloading?)


The truth is something in all of us wants to reclaim a little simplicity. That, I think, is the appeal of rustic furniture. Whether you are looking for a reclaimed teak wagon wheel dinette or a reclaimed barn wood bed, it is the inherent simplicity, the authenticity of real wood and genuine nail holes, old hammer dents and saw marks, which ultimately lure us in.   

The bonus is that when you purchase reclaimed rustic furniture you are, generally speaking, getting good stuff.  A bed made from seasoned one-hundred-year-old timbers will last far longer than an inexpensive import made of inferior “wood product”.  Anything you see in our store that is made from reclaimed wood (whether teak or barn wood) is ultimately a one-of-a-kind piece.


What is the story of this old wood? I expect every piece of this old barn wood has seen generations of horses, cows, sheep or goats come and go. Often these old barns have outlasted their builders by generations. Many of these timbers and boards were sawn and erected when animals pulled the plows and served as the primary means of transportation.

If this wood could talk there is no telling what stories we would hear. Unfortunately, we will never know the secrets contained in the history of these timbers, but when you take a piece of this furniture home with you, you can be sure it will become a part of your family’s story for years to come!


Tony Thomas



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