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The Drive is Worth It!

There are many beautiful places to drive in the Ozark Mountains. Our lakes, rivers and parks abound with scenic roadways and trails. There is nothing quite as invigorating as an early morning drive with the windows down. As the cool morning air blows through fragrant stands of cedar, creek waters give off a fragrant aroma of their own as they flow down the mountain. View vistas such as this in these rustic Arkansas hills, and it will stir you in your soul.


Actually there are no bad ways to get to us here in Pleasant Plains, Arkansas. Whether you are traveling Highway 167 south out of Batesville or north out of Bald Knob, you will have a pleasant drive.  Perhaps you will travel on Arkansas highway 25 from Heber Springs or on highway 14 as you come from Mountain View. Highway 157 from Newport is also a beautiful drive.


Once you see our rustic, western and lodge furniture you will be glad you made the trip!


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