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The Ol' Bullhide

   One of my favorite products that I sell in the store are Brazilian bull hides. These massive hides are unique, colorful and extremely enticing to the eye. I am so fond of these bull hides that I wish I could put one in every room of my home! However, I am told that nurseries and bull hides don't mix.

   Many customers, when flipping through my table display of a dozen or so hides, ask me where and how they can use them in their home. The answer to that question is anywhere your heart desires! We use them as area rugs, wall coverings, folded over sofas and chairs, hang them as curtains and drapes or messily throw one on a large ottoman. They are extremely versatile with all types of decorating styles. In fact, although we are mostly a rustic and western furniture store, the contemporary/modern designers are grabbing up these hides as well!

   I just recently painted my office and hung a beautiful "paint" bull hide on one side. These hides look awesome over boldly colored walls like my rust colored office or over any type of wood. Simple finishing nails can be nailed through the hide to hang it up, but it helps to have two or more people to stretch it out!

   So, the next time you are thinking about sprucing up a room, think about adding a little warmth and character with a bull hide. It's an inexpensive way to immediately make a room stand out.



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