Timber Lodge Teak Billiard Table TF-0440
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Timber Lodge Teak Billiard Table TF-0440

The Teak Timber Lodge Pool Table is as impressive as it is eco-friendly. Crafted from recycled teak wood, this one-of-a-kind pool table features antique wagon wheel hubs for pockets, and salvaged antique timber beams for the stout legs. You’ll feel like you’ve wandered into a saloon straight out of the Wild West when you place the Timber Lodge Teak Pool Table in your game room. 

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The teak wood components in this item are authentic pieces of history. The salvaged wagons, barns, and farm implements from which this item is crafted are decades (sometimes centuries) old. Rather than let these things decay into oblivion, the actual artistry of craftsmen from another era lives on in our teak home furnishings. Please enjoy!

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  • Dimensions: 100 x 56 x 32
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