Wagon Wheel 3-Lamp Chandelier W-424B

Wagon Wheel 3-Lamp Chandelier W-424B

Using a replica wagonwheel, horse shoes and bell lights, The Wagon Wheel 3-Lamp Chandelier is a great western accent for your home. This rustic chandelier adds both light and character to your living room or dining room.


This western lighting is accented with a rust patina covering and aged wood stain for the look and feel of western or rustic style. This rustic lighting comes with all mounting hardware and wiring.


Please, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


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  • SKU: W-424B
  • Description: Wagonwheel three lamp chandelier, a western chandelier with three lights.
  • Regular Price: $900.00 (USD)
  • On Sale For: $719.95 (USD)

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